For years now Tin Gifts has been designing, manufacturing and retailing high quality tin jewellery and tin gifts designed for all occasions from weddings to 10th wedding anniversary gifts. Each wedding anniversary comes with a traditional and modern chosen material, chosen to represent different meanings for each individual year. From paper for the firs,t the materials get stronger as the years go by to represent strength in a marriage, until we get to the 10th wedding anniversary, the landmark occasion where the traditional gift is tin and the modern being diamond. A strange contrast it might seem, a soft metal, not known for its super strength alongside one of the hardest materials known, diamonds.

We have been producing tin gifts for the 10th wedding anniversary for many years and we understand tin and its properties and we understand the very reason this material was chosen as the traditional gift. Tin, a soft and durable material but also with protective qualities, non rusting and non tarnish nature. After reaching ten years of marriage that is exactly what your marriage is like, durable with flexibility but also after so many years together you have proven it to be strong and ‘protected’ from the ups ad downs of life. We enjoy working with tin and the flexibility it gives you to great some really unique gifts for your tenth wedding anniversaries, although tin is soft we have developed a unique technique that allows us to put all our tin gifts and jewellery through a multi hour hardening process to ensure your item is just strong enough but also has that bit of flexibility to stay traditional.

All our jewellery and gifts are made only using 100% tin content, there is no other material in our tin jewellery just pure 100% natural tin, spun cast and finished by hand to create the perfect selection of 10th wedding anniversary gifts.