We just love this combination of materials, on one hand we have a soft but durable material of tin but on other hand we have one of the hardest materials known, the precious stone of diamond. Why we have created the link between these two materials is not just down to us wanting to put diamonds in our products, there is a bigger meaning relating to the 10th tin anniversary. You know by now that each wedding anniversary year has a unique material related to it, for the 10th this traditional material is Tin, but there is also a modern material of diamond. There is not many years on this list where you can combine both the traditional and modern materials to create a single product, but for the 10th anniversary we have done just that.

What’s in the collection? Our tin and diamond collection increases year on year and there are some products that have been there from the beginning and still selling strong, the love hearts of course are always a popular product to give your wife on your anniversary. Looking at the other items in the collection the individual designs may sway you to your personal liking, but there are two products that have a little bit more of a meaning. The first of these is the Celtic twist pendant, its never ending loops and Celtic design represents never ending love. The Second of these pendants is one of the latest and that’s the kiss diamond pendant, we have all see kiss shaped pendants before but did you know that the X is also the roman numeral for the number 10? you have 4 meanings in one pendant to show how much thought you have out into your tin anniversary gift selection.